Image Competition

We are happy to announce that OOAC 2017 Image Competition is now open! The OOAC organizers will determine the top three image submissions. Prizes for the top three places are $200, $100 and $50 respectively. Moreover, the top image would be used as the cover of OOAC 2017 booklet. The rules of the competition can be seen below.

  • To participate in OOAC Image Competition 2017, you must be a registered attendee of the 2017 OOAC.
  • The main focus of this competition is the aesthetics and also, the images need to be relevant to the field of microfluidics.
  • A Single contestant is allowed to submit up to 2 images. More than 2 submissions by a single contestant results in disqualification.
  • Images may be obtained by any imaging technique. They can also be computer aided schematics.
  • Images cannot be previously published in any journal.
  • To submit images, they need to be emailed to The email title should read “OOAC 2017 Image Competition Submission”.
  • Images need to be a high resolution .jpg, .tiff or .png file. Images must be at least 300 DPI. The image file name should read contestant’s family name and first name, respectively, separated by a comma.
    • Example: Jones, Steve
  • The body of the email submission must include a short description of the object that is imaged and the technique used to capture the image. The description should be maximum 50 words long.
  • Deadline for Image Competition submission is April 30th, 2017.

Below are 2016 Winners